One more fandom thing about Fate/.

I guess, we all know that Arturia tried her freaking best to be an ideal king. She did everything she could.
And that's so ironical that people judge her for not being ideal enough.
"Yeah, she saved her country. But she didn't pay enough attention to every personal problem of her knights! How dares she not to babysit them!"

Let's understand Lancelot, let's understand Mordred. They all have reasons, right? Only Arturia doesn't have the right for feelings or being human. She must understand anyone and treat them as they desire. Then, yeah, then anything would have been okay.
Didn't please someone? Oh, then she's definitely responsible for other people betraying her and their country! She just should have been more ideal, is that even a problem?

No, that's really funny. When other characters are not blamed for what they did, Arturia is blamed because she didn't do enough. Nice shifting responsibility, even if partly.

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