Моё отношение к фейтовскому Мерлину в двух картинках🌸

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2018-08-03 в 14:07 

.....I am so patently unsurprised that there's yet another Fate/ character whom you hate and I potentially adore. potentially. let's not get ahead of myself by just one scene in E Pluribus Unum. I better adore him, given how he's potentially an awesomest support Caster for buster-card-based teams.

2018-08-03 в 16:10 

Eirie, well, I don't hate him). Hatred is a strong feeling.
But I do enjoy fanarts like this with him🌸

2018-08-04 в 15:58 

Does this darkness have a name? Is it my name?
Кто-то тоже поигрывает в фейтату))) :alles:

2018-08-04 в 16:15 

~Shannaro!, конкретно в ФГО я не играю, но о происходящем более или менее в курсе).

2018-08-04 в 22:09 

Does this darkness have a name? Is it my name?

2018-08-04 в 22:32 

Kineli, well, I don't hate him).
okay, (strongly?) dislike then :D and okay, that fanart is funny x) though ooc-y? perhaps? eh, I have no idea how my favorite catsquirrel of destruction feels about his master. who probably deserves to be bitten at least a little ^^
oh, are the flower emojis intentional? :) the dude in question being dubbed Magus of Flowers and all.

oh, btw, you dislike Merlin, but are there any FGO-original characters (well, Merlin isn't exactly FGO-original... let's say, characters who appear at least mainly in FGO) that you like/are interested in?

2018-08-05 в 16:04 

Eirie, it's a peculiar feeling when I don't actually want character to greatly suffer, but won't mind (and will occasionally enjoy) their moderate sufferings.
but, yeah, I dislike him anyway)

oh, are the flower emojis intentional? :)
totally just a coincidence~~ ^^

but still, how come he's a magus of flowers? I mean, why would he get something this nice! >:(

are there any FGO-original characters
Well, there are SO many FGO characters so I don't know the stories of most of them. So I'm interested in those of whom I heard a lot from other people. But it's kind of passive interest. I might like them, but I'm not sure if I'd be attached.
I was told that Kintoki is particularly a good guy. And Ozymandias too? plus he has space kittens. Chevalier d'Eon seems to be quite chivalrous. I'm also interested in Jekyll (but antagonistic toward Hyde).

oh! when I watched the first fgo anime (or probably even before that) I've got a feeling that Romani might be my new favourite character. but some stuff from tv-tropes makes me doubt that now.. not spoilery-spoilery stuff, other stuff.

2018-09-18 в 15:42 

Kineli, but still, how come he's a magus of flowers?
flowers are pretty and romantic, and dude's an incubus (half-incubus? I think?), so. at least that's my thoughtful and insightful analysis on this matter :D

Well, there are SO many FGO characters
why, merely... er... *googles* ...223 if we only count those summonable in the Japanese version

I thought that Kintoki was somewhat annoying in his brief appearance in London, but that's a very brief appearance, and I missed the events where he plays a bigger role, so I'm mostly neutral about him. Ozymandias has space kittens, and that's pretty much all I know about him. BUT SPACE KITTENS ARE A VERY SOLID ARGUMENT. also he's pretty and I vaguely remember reading something rather moving about him and his wife whom MC for some reason can't summon. WHAT IS IT WITH TRAGIC WIVES FGO LET US SUMMON THEM. I fairly like d'Eon, though I don't have them summoned, and they don't have much screentime in Orleans (and they spend it being brainwashed into fighting MC and co). I think they'll get somewhat more focus in Agartha, but I'm rather cautious about Agartha's plot in general. and yeah, I think you'd like Jekyll. he's sweet and cute and MC needs to hug him. er, you know how I feel about his significant other, but to each their own :)

and what do you think, if anything, about the knights of the Round Table? I'm circling around chapter Camelot, so it's kinda a topic of relevance :D aside from Mordred, I think the only one I have somewhat positive feelings about and interest in at this point is Bedivere. oh, and Galahad, probably. who, I guess, is kinda spoilery, so don't google him if you don't already know the spoilers. aside from them, I'm cautiously curious about Lancer!Arturia and ??? about Saber!Lancelot. I dislike Gawain after Extra, but I'm open to changing my mind about him if his characterisation in FGO is more to my liking. and I've read mixed things about Tristan and his writing, so I guess also ???.

oh, I like Roman too. is that other stuff also spoilery? as in, is it okay for you to tell me what it is? is it about, uh, who Roman actually is? I feel like almost _everything_ about Roman is spoilery :D

2018-09-23 в 18:31 

eh, on the topic of space kittens, I belatedly realized that Ozymandias is Rameses II. as in, Book of Exodus, Egyptian Plagues, etc. as in, usually the bad guy, I think. so I'm now rather curious about Fate pulling off making him likeable and heroic. which, from what I've read of some chapter Camelot impressions, it successfully does. then again, it's Fate, and loose creative interpretations of mythology/history coupled with making characters from it more sympathetic is what Fate does.


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